21 January 2018

This War of Mine playthrough video part 2 of 2

Second (and final) part of the playthrough of This War of Mine.

As food and water shortage pushed the characters to their breaking point they also craved coffee and cigarettes to keep their hopes and morale up.

After a particularly nasty night raid and out of luck attempt at finding a trader during daytime all hope was lost.

I have not played the game since the summer and had forgotten a couple of the rules and how to optimize your daily activities. I should have put more effort into building furniture and fittings for the apartment early on to at least try to mitigate the water shortage. The game is very difficult however and of all the dozens of games I've played I think we only managed to survive twice for the ceasefire ending to occur.

The game is however oddly enough not about winning, and if you go into it with that mindset it is more acceptable to play it as a gaming experience rather than something you can beat with a determined strategy that can be applied every time you play. It has a lot of luck built into it, it's how you manage your daily actions and characters that can stabilize the everyday chaos of your survivors.

The best thing you can hope for is to become self sufficient with water as soon as possible and then begin to board up your place. Regardless, it is one of my favorite board games in my collection.

19 January 2018

This War of Mine playthrough video part 1

This is part 1 of my "This War of Mine: the boardgame" playthrough. The game is perfect for single play and I figured it would be nice to play it again since I have not played it since the summer.

Part 1 covers the first 3 days of the campaign, so far the experience has been rough as my starting civilians, Katia, Bruno and Roman run out of food and water very early.

I don't know yet how many parts this series will be, I will be playing until the campaign is finished or all characters end up dead.

I will be recording part 2 shortly. Hope you guys enjoy the video, and drop a comment if there is anything you wonder about the game and I will cover it in future parts.

17 January 2018

Battle for Rokugan - video overview

Branching out into new territory for my blog, by adding video content. First out is a video overview of the new strategy game "Battle for Rokugan" by Fantasy Fligth Games. A small game that me and Caroline picked up at our local gaming store around Christmas. A proper review will be posted in the future as we have only played this game once so far (and we liked it) and would need to play it a few more times and with more players to form a proper opinion about it.

The video has been added to my youtube channel, and it has links to both my blog related Facebook page and my blog. 
More videos will be uploaded in the near future.

14 January 2018

Frostgrave: Loot the cart AAR

Scenario 3 in the Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign, the scenario which really prompted me to finish painting the Frostgrave cultists needed for most of the scenarios. We had to proxy the cart and the cultists in this scenario with other minis. I wish the bad guys were a bit more active other than making up cannon fodder for our henchmen. We managed to kill them off with ranged weapon and magic before grabbing and running away with the loot.

My smokescreen spell really came to good use in this scenario, it was perfect for covering my retreat after having grabbed the treasure, and also blocked line of sight to the appearing ghouls. 

Frostgrave really is a great game, the strength really lies in the fast paced easy to learn rules. It's probably the game that made me appreciate rules that lean more towards "playing the game rather than the system". I guess SAGA falls into the same category, you get easy enough core rules that are easy to remember and don't have to cross reference the rulebook of a crib sheet each turn. I used to find these type of games disappointing, but I guess both Frostgrave and SAGA bring something interesting enough to make those "on the surface beer & pretzels type rules" interesting and involving. Tried out Pulp Alley not so long ago with my friend Thomas and had the same feeling.

That does not mean I don't enjoy more intricate or rule heavy games like By Fire & Sword, Chain of Command etc, but at the moment I simply don't have time or energy to dive into too mnay complicated rule sets. So it is nice to have something like this if I have to learn a new game over at a friend or teach a game to someone that has never played it.

13 January 2018

Frostgrave: Battle on the river AAR

You may have noticed that no game of Frostgrave posted on this blog has been especially "frosty" or included any kind of snow landscape. It was an early decision on my part, as I think the snow is extremely nice and cool - but it limits the models I would purchase to a specific setting. This is why I went with the regular "green grass" bases.

Of course this calls for a bit of creativity when interpreting some of the Frostgrave scenarios, such as this one - Battle on the river. It should take place on a frozen river - our game took place in a flooded swamp. Wrecks frozen in place in the river were made into ruined buildings decaying in the swamp. The whole area between the roads on both sides of the table were treated as a flooded swamp, using the exact same rules as for the original scenario. It worked well. The scenario itself was also pretty fun. This was however played before I had finished off my special models for the bad guys such as cultists and the Lich king himself so we had to proxy the villain in the center of the table - using a miniature of an orc. My warband came out on top on this scenario, managing to snatch the special treasure carried by the main badguy - who I "heroically" killed after Caroline had brought him to near death with her own henchmen :-D

The scenario itself was nothing special, but it still made for an enjoyable game of Frostgrave.
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